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Want a Website that Attracts New Customers and Multiplies Repeat Sales?
For small business owners and entrepreneurs:

Are you:
‐  Too busy building a business to possibly create a website for it?
‐  Stumped on whether Facebook or a website is the best way to promote your business?
‐  Worried a competitor's website gives them a huge advantage?
‐  Wondering if you can afford a website while stressing about the cost of NOT having one?
‐  Viewing a website as just another to-do??

Relax, because Hudson Valley Website Design can create a website or Facebook page that will
‐  make it easy for customers to find you
‐  explain what you offer, clearly and simply
‐  build confidence that doing business with you is a smart move
‐  bring customers to your door
‐  surprise you with how little we charge.

Hudson Valley Website Design specializes in start-ups and small businesses. We want to help you get a lot of value out of having a website and/or Facebook page without spending a lot.

Let's talk about how to promote your business online. Give me a call (845-853-5560) or send an email for a no-obligation free consultation.

Why I Do What I Do

I help businesses with their online marketing because I want small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. I want to help business owners communicate who they are and what they offer to customers. Business owners are courageous individuals who are willing to risk both reputation and money.

I spent too much of my adult life where the product of my labors enriched people that I don't particularly like or admire. I like small business owners and I want to enrich them, the mom and pop shop, the people who were willing to try and make a go of it despite the fact others have told them that 80 or 90% of all new businesses fail. This statistic is actually incorrect. Recent studies indicate that it's closer to half of all new businesses that survive at least 5 years. But whether the failure rate is 48 percent or 83 percent, no one will argue that starting a business is a daunting task and I want to help people who dare to take on this challenge to succeed.

Whether you have experience promoting your business online or are still trying to figure out if you even want a website or a Facebook fan page, I can help you. Give me a call or send me an email and tell me about your business needs. Let's make this year your best ever!

If you want to lock in our introductory low prices, you can purchase a website or Facebook package now.
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